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Arnold Schiller

Arnold Schiller: Born 1965, born in Munich.

More civic participation, transparency, citizens’ rights, education and
Basic income.

Most of the content on these pages is in German..

I have been travelling in this Merkel new territory for over 20 years now and fortunately some things have been forgotten and some things unfortunately have been forgotten. I was probably one of the first who wrote Javascript popup windows in the 90s of the last millennium and the code ended up at Htmlgoodies, but I lost my nice email address from the Bürgernetz München with the fall of the Bürgernetz and realized how important it is to have your own domain. Companies and networks come and go. Altavista used to be the search engine now it’s Google.

As an old Usenetter I didn’t follow every trend but ended up on Facebook and Twitter. I know that Snapchat and Whatsapp are cool lately, but probably the young horde has moved two houses away again.

When I called the Bavarian State Library in 1992 to find out how they could be reached from the Internet, they were a little overwhelmed. At least I could get a Datex-P address. Today probably no pig knows what that is. But the Bavarian State Library has not yet arrived on the Internet that I imagine. Microsoft’s promises are boring and are not fulfilled. The free knowledge I dreamed of in the 90s of the last millennium will not come.

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